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Respectful resolution is possible.

When you’re ready, try things a different way…

Respectful resolution is possible.

About half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. The unfortunate reality is most divorcing couples find themselves in court when a different process may be a better choice. In our experience, the family issues involved are far too complex and personal to handle properly in a contested court setting. ….there is a better way.

Divorce Evolved : A team approach to family transitions.

No matter what you do, divorce is difficult: it doesn’t have to be as hard as you think. A collaborative divorce or mediation is a healthier and more amicable way. Call now for a free consultation, or keep surfing our web site to learn more.

Bridges Divorce was founded in early 2011. We have handled hundreds of mediated and collaborative divorces. All seven of us are independent professionals, but we have years of experience working together as lawyers, divorce coaches or financial advisers. The vast majority of our clients “get it done” without a contested court case and have better lives for it. We are second to none in Oregon and SW Washington.


L-R: Randy, Gail, Tonya, Dona, Lee, Forrest & Kelsey

Bridges lawyers, mediators, financial professionals and divorce coaches work together to help couples end their marriage peacefully. We are not a firm per se. We are four independent lawyer/mediators, two divorce coaches/mediators and a financial adviser-CPA. We work full-time with families in transition to find out-of-court solutions. We encourage problem solving, communication and healthy co-parenting.  We empower couples to create a lasting resolution that fulfills their needs.  We do this by:

  • Helping clients choose the best process for them;
  • Guiding them to be successful in the option they choose;
  • Adapting to a family’s needs and budget;
  • Removing fear from decision making;
  • Encouraging open dialogue and joint problem solving;
  • Guiding clients away from anger and disappointment toward higher intentions and long term views; and
  • Continually practicing mediation & collaboration ourselves.