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Any Bridges professional can provide more information regarding services and resources for your family.

Bridges Professionals

We are a “practice-group” based in and around Portland, Oregon. Our nickname is Bridges Divorce and we frequently call each other “Bridgers.” We are six independent mediators, lawyers, financial advisers and coaches, working together to change the nastiness of the usual divorce. We help couples divorce respectfully, using mediation or collaborative methods.

L-R: Randy, Gail, Tonya, Dona, Lee, Forrest & Kelsey

L-R: Randy, Gail, Tonya, Dona, Lee, Forrest & Kelsey

Our full name is Bridges Collaborative Divorce Solutions. We are an Oregon non-profit corporation, with Corporate Offices in Beaverton, Oregon.

Be aware: Confidentiality cannot be assured when communicating via the Internet. If you have concerns about privacy or confidentiality, please contact a Bridges professional by telephone directly.

Please note: Nothing on this web site should be construed in any way as legal, financial or coaching advice. Viewing this web site does not create a professional relationship, whether attorney-client, CPA-client, coach-client or mediator-client. Thanks for understanding.