Bridges Collaborative Divorce Solutions is a group of experienced mediators, lawyers, financial and mental health professionals. We are not a law firm, but work together to help couples divorce respectfully.

Bridges was founded in 2011 and  is the first Collaborative Practice Group in Oregon. We maintain separate practices and offices, but have years of experience working together as mediators, lawyers, divorce coaches and financial advisers.


We are Mediators, Lawyers, Divorce Coaches, a Child Specialist, a Therapist and a Divorce Financial Adviser [CDFA].

The majority of Bridges families reach agreement without a contested court case and have better lives for it. We are second to none in Oregon and SW Washington.


About half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. Unfortunately, divorcing couples can find themselves in court when better options are available. In our experience, family issues are far too complex and personal to properly resolve in a contested court setting.

Divorce is messy and damaging, but you can take steps to make sure things go as smoothly as possible — Learn about Collaborative Divorce and Mediation. Nobody gets married expecting to get divorced, but you can take the high road.

  • Don’t battle it out in court. Wanting to win at all costs and believing that you will find emotional justice in the courtroom usually costs much more time and money and most often your anticipated outcome is never achieved. Learn about a less adversarial and less costly Collaborative Divorce, that involves a team of divorce professionals who advocates for your best interests and serves as your best support system.
  • Avoid being bullied or taken advantage of. Learn the critical skills that will help you communicate more effectively, and make informed decisions throughout your divorce, ultimately leading to a more fair and balanced outcome.
  • Stop living in the past. Instead, see your divorce as an opportunity for transformative growth. Learn strategies that will shift your mindset, maintain your dignity and consistently put your best self forth during and after your divorce.


Family Mediation is a way of resolving intimate, personal differences with an impartial person (the Mediator) helping you both calmly discuss questions and concerns and ideally reach a voluntary agreement. The mediator helps you identify needs and interests, clarify your differences with the other person and find common ground.

Collaborative Divorce is a comprehensive way for couples to re-structure their families, without court intervention. In collaborative divorce, the participants agree to resolve their case in a manner that honors each person involved. Clients are able to build confidence and hope for their future during a stressful time.


Bridgers have experience: The lawyers, mediators, divorce coaches, child specialist and financial professional (CDFA) work together to help couples end their marriage peacefully. We are not a law firm. We are seven independent lawyers/mediators, two divorce coaches/mediators, a psychotherapist/child specialist, and a certified divorce financial analyst (CDFA). We work full-time with families in transition to find out-of-court solutions. We encourage problem solving, communication and healthy co-parenting. We empower couples to create a lasting resolution that fulfills their needs.


HHelping clients choose the best process-option for them.

GGuiding clients to be successful in the option they choose.

AAdapting to a family’s needs and budget.

RReducing fear in decision-making.

EEncouraging open dialogue and joint problem solving.

GGuiding clients away from anger and disappointment toward higher long term views.


Bridges Divorce is a recognized practice group within the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP)

As a multidisciplinary practice group, we serve couples and families throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington.


IACP is an international community of legal, mental health and financial professionals working in concert to create client-centered processes for resolving conflict.

The mission of the IACP is to transform the way families resolve conflict by building a global community of Collaborative Practice and consensual dispute resolution professionals.

Bridges is an Oregon nonprofit corporation, with Corporate Offices in Beaverton, Washington County, Oregon.

We are a group of independent divorce professionals working in the greater Portland, Oregon and Southwest Washington areas. We are a “practice group” (not a law firm). We meet frequently to hone our professional skills and we often work together on mediated or collaborative matters. Our nickname is Bridges Divorce and we frequently call each other “Bridgers.”

All ten of us have our own private practices, with separate offices throughout the area. As independent professionals (mediators, lawyers, divorce coaches, a child specialist, therapists and a financial adviser [CDFA]), we work together to change the nastiness of the usual litigated divorce.

We help couples divorce respectfully, using mediation or collaborative methods.