I am a retired attorney, collaborative professional and family mediator and no longer accept new clients or cases.

Why I do did this work?  The one constant in my work is that each family is different.

My practice:  I am a retired attorney, collaborative professional and family mediator. In my practice days, my primary goal was always to help my clients get through a difficult time in their lives with the least amount of wasted time, emotional pain and unnecessary expense. I am a retired Oregon and Washington Attorney and no longer practice law.

Background: I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, graduating from Portland State University and Lewis and Clark – Northwestern School of Law. Rain doesn’t bother me (too much) and I still think the only “pro” sports team in town is the Trail Blazers! [congrats, Thorns: NWSL champions, 2022, 2017 and 2013]. I started my law practice in 1978 and was in solo practice until retiring in 2023.

After Hours: I am transitioning to life on the road with our Escape travel trailer. For several years, my leisure time was spent aboard my 80’s-era racing sailboat “around-the-buoys” on the mighty Columbia River. At this point, my three young granddaughters also demand their share of “Grandpa Randy’s” time. When my sons were young, I was a Scoutmaster for nearly 20 years (and a good ol’ Eagle, too!). I was also a soccer referee (US Soccer, adult, youth and high school [NFHS]), plus a USSF referee instructor for about as long.

…and a proud founding member of Bridges Collaborative Divorce Solutions in 2011.

Randall Poff, Retired Collaborative Attorney and Family Mediator

Why do I do this work? I work as a mediator and Collaborative attorney to assist individuals and couples who are willing to work together to achieve peaceful, respectful solutions to their family issues.

My practice: I provide free consultations that including an overview of the typical issues involved in separation, and the ways couples can work together on win-win solutions. My clients determine how often they wish to meet, how fast they want to proceed and the specific solutions that will work best for their families.

Background: I’ve practiced law for 30 years and mediated for the last decade supported by 750+ hours training in Collaborative skills. As a peacefully divorced father of two, I know firsthand the benefits that we can provide our kids from handling our breakups well.

After hours: I enjoy time outdoors, and try to keep up with my teen age son’s track and other activities.

Jim O’Connor
Attorney at Law

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Why I do this work?  Being part of a collaborative or mediating team of professionals provides a significantly better way for couples to divorce.

My practice:  I work as a divorce and vocational coach providing support through the process of separation, as well as vocational coaching.  Many of my clients are poised to reenter the workplace or advance economically.  They move from overwhelm and fear to hope and excitement about the future, transforming expectations.

Background:  In practice for 30 years in Portland, offering a blend of personal and career counseling. I received a BS in Business Administration from Lewis & Clark and an MA in Counseling Psychology from Antioch.

After hours:  Away from work, I enjoy friends, family in New York, gardening, walking the neighborhood, the beach, music, reading and writing.

Gail Jean Nicholson, MA, LPC

Divorce Coach / Personal and Career Counselor

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Why I do this work: Having counseled children and families in public schools for 30 years, I witnessed the devastation and heartache a family suffers going through an adversarial divorce. The adults often experience so much pain, there is very little emotional support left for the children. Both Mediation and Collaborative Divorce offer healthy, supportive alternatives to unproductive conflict and aspire to meet the needs of all family members.

My practice: Whether I work as a communication and parenting coach in the Collaborative Law process or work as a mediator, I am committed to creating a safe environment for couples navigating the often painful experience of divorce. I encourage individuals to understand and express their emotions and assist them to end their marriage in a respectful and honest manner. If they have children, I help couples work together in their new relationship as co-parents. It is my belief and goal that these processes enable individuals to move to a place of hope as they transition into their new lives.

Background: I worked as an elementary school counselor for many years. I have a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology from Lewis and Clark and am a trained mediator and mental health coach in the Collaborative process.

After Hours: I love to garden, to create art, to spend time with friends and family and hang out with my dog. I have a passion for travel. I have been fortunate enough to travel to many countries around the world which has taught me compassion is the key to healing.

Lee Hamilton, MA

Mediator & Collaborative Divorce Coach

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Why I do this work?  I am passionate about families and peacemaking.

My practice is to create a professional /friendly, efficient/thoughtful, thorough/forward- looking process empowering couples to make the best decisions possible while saving time and money. I emphasize financial clarity with Family Law Software and constructive communication as a peacemaking practice trainer and certified coach in HeartMath resilience training.

Background:  I graduated from Vermont Law School in 1978 with two young children in tow. After 20 years of general practice in Vermont and 8 years in Arizona as a juvenile public defender, pro tem judge, family court mediator and special master, I followed my grandchildren to Oregon. I have since worked tirelessly to train in and promote this new type of legal advocacy.

After Hours:  I am a consummate reader and life-long learner. My joy is being with my grandchildren and helping them cultivate their passions.

Dona Cullen
Attorney, Mediator & Financial Neutral

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Why I do this work? I love helping families find hope and strength in difficult transitions such as separation and divorce and to show how this can be done peacefully out of court.

My practice: My approach is to provide compassionate, fair and affordable services to Oregon families looking to avoid the litigation process. I am pleased to provide Mediation, Co-Mediation, and Legal Services ranging from hourly “coaching,” or un-bundled legal services, to full representation in Collaborative method cases. I work closely with legal assistant, Cindy Armony, who has over 25 years’ experience in family law. We work together to provide cost savings and efficiency for my clients.

Background: I have been practicing family law for over 17 years in Oregon. Upon graduating law school, I quickly realized I wanted to help families in crisis. I have been through divorce personally, and was three years old when my parents first divorced. Having witnessed a custody/ relocation battle in my own family, and the harmful effect of litigation, I have a passion for helping others find peaceful alternatives to resolve conflict.

After Hours: I am a mother of two active young boys, ages 7 and 10, who are both in sports year-round now. I enjoy outdoor activities like surfing, kite boarding, mountain biking, Nordic and alpine skiing, scuba diving, kayaking, photography, and travel. You also may find me coaching kids’ baseball, soccer, volunteering at school, and mentoring college and law students.

Tonya Alexander
Collaborative Attorney & Mediator


Tonya Alexander
Collaborative Attorney & Mediator
Alexander Law, PC
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