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“So you’re trying to get divorced, and now you’re both working from home.”

Our new life, sheltering in place is in full swing.  Oregonians have been at it awhile and divorcing couples and families are experiencing a wide range of circumstances, challenges and perks. Maybe you’re both still working, just one of you or neither of you are working. Uncertainly looms and timelines for resolution are hazy.  Who […]


Collaborative Divorce Empowers Stay-at-Home Spouse Re-Entering the Work Place

Increasingly in recent years, couples seeking an amicable divorce have chosen mediation as a way to avoid a nasty escalation into an expensive, attorney-driven legal battle. This works for many families. However, anecdotal research shows that other folks still want more than a neutral mediator: they need an advocate in their corner. In a Collaborative […]

Gail Jean Nicholson, MA, LPC

Why I do this work?  Being part of a collaborative or mediating team of professionals provides a significantly better way for couples to divorce. My practice:  I work as a divorce and vocational coach providing support through the process of separation, as well as vocational coaching.  Many of my clients are poised to reenter the […]