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Negotiating with Your Partner: Look Ahead, Not Backwards

A colleague recently shared some training materials from Bill Eddy, founder of  High Conflict Institute.  This article shares some of Bill’s wisdom on how to help resolve conflicts by making effective proposals. Setting the Stage Most conflicts, from international disputes to divorces, have been percolating for some time. Someone has done something to someone (maybe many […]

Stories about People Who Chose Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce Summaries: A couple who had once been childhood sweethearts could not keep communication civil. Tensions increased as custodial issues regarding their five-year-old son arose. The breaking point for the couple led them to Collaborative Divorce where they learned how to communicate with each other to enable the healthy development of their son. The […]


Why I Hated the Movie “Marriage Story” Part 1

Marriage Story is an excellent film with a tremendous cast, including Scarlett Johansen (Nicole), Adam Driver (Charlie), Laura Dern (attorney Nora Fanshaw), Ray Liotta (attorney Jay Morotta) and Alan Alda (attorney Bert Spitz). Now, I want to explain why I absolutely H-A-T-E-D this movie’s presentation of what divorce looks like in 2020. First, a brief […]


Total Eclipse of the Heart

On August 19, 2017, portions of Oregon and the U.S. experienced the once in a generation experience of a total solar eclipse. I had reservations at a state park on the path of totality and then a month or so before the event, a friend suggested I come to rural Idaho which was also on […]

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IACP Forum, Lake Las Vegas

IACP Forum 17th Annual Networking and Educational Forum October 27-30, 2016 Hilton / Lake Las Vegas Several of your Bridges Divorce professionals are back from the world collaborative conference in Lake Las Vegas, Nevada. IACP is the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, an international community of legal, mental health and financial professionals working in concert […]

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Collaborating collaborators…

Your Bridges’ professionals took Veterans’ Day away from their offices to honor vets and learn from and with about forty local collaborating professionals. We spent the day engaged and engaging with our peers. Tonya started the conference with her presentation on What? Why? How? When? The Essential Questions for Collaboration. Dona was inspirational with her talk on The Power […]


IACP Institute

Welcome back, Dona! Dona Cullen has returned from Phoenix, Arizona / ASU Mercado, where she took a 2-day course on Facilitation Skills for Collaborative Professionals. Her instructors were Rita Pollak, JD and Catherine Tornbon. ~~~ Dona Cullen, Attorney at Law / Mediator Financial Neutral 5200 Meadows Rd., Ste. 150 Lake Oswego, OR 97035 503-867-1763 Dona’s […]

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Welcome Metro-Parent readers

Welcome Metro-Parent readers… If you saw our tall, skinny ad on page 19, you’re entitled to a free telephone consultation. Please call 503-567-2848. ~~~ Jim O’Connor, Collaborative Attorney / Mediator 3939 NE Hancock St., Ste. 309 Portland, OR 97212 503-473-8242 Jim’s Website Email Jim

Jim O’Connor

Why do I do this work? I work as a mediator and Collaborative attorney to assist individuals and couples who are willing to work together to achieve peaceful, respectful solutions to their family issues. My practice: I provide free consultations that including an overview of the typical issues involved in separation, and the ways couples can work […]