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Children are our future…

The idea of a “Children’s’ Bill of Rights” is not new (or legally enforceable). Rather, use this list as a reminder to keep the best interest of the children a top priority. We the children of the divorcing parents, hereby establish this Bill Of Rights for all children: The right not to be asked to “choose sides” […]

Joanna “Jo” Posey

Why I do this work? Divorce can and should be a respectful and transformative process, not a civil war. My practice: My primary goal is to help families in transition achieve the best possible results for the least amount of emotional and financial stress. I help families create agreements that are durable, and strive to leave […]

How to divorce without publicizing your private life

Most people don’t realize that everything they or their spouse files during their divorce case becomes a matter of public record. Every scandalous accusation of past wrongdoing. Every detail about their finances and the finances of their business. Every embarrassing story about their weakest parenting moments. All of those details, if alleged by a party […]