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A Tale of Two Divorces

A Tale of Two Divorces Divorce #1 ~ Bob and Barbara: Bob and Barbara had been married for 20 years, and they had a contentious marriage for most of their marriage. Their friends, Carol and Chris had been married for about the same length of time and also had a difficult marriage for their last […]

What Are the Most Common Divorce Fears?

Fear in a divorce is to be expected.  If the divorce process does not allow the couple to address those fears, it can cause the divorce to spiral out of control.  Here are some common divorce fears: The number one fear is that either they will, or both will lose the house. They fear that […]


How to Avoid an Expensive Divorce

If you want to avoid an expensive divorce, the biggest piece of advice is to figure out a way the two of you can work together. If you go to mediation and or use the Collaborative Divorce process, you can find agreement the issues without the expense of a courtroom fight. Collaborative Divorce attorneys are […]


Maintaining Privacy During Divorce

When someone consults an attorney about getting a divorce, anything that person tells the attorney is private and protected by the attorney-client privilege. On the other hand, any written document that is filed with the court is open to the public and readily discoverable by anyone, stranger or friend. At Bridges Collaborative Divorce Solutions, we […]

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Divorce Options – 4 Different Ways to Divorce

Once a couple has made the decision to part, they have different divorce options available. Which one they choose depends on their own personal situation. The Do-It-Yourself-Divorce A do-it-yourself-divorce is also known as the “kitchen table divorce.” The divorcing couple does all the paperwork themselves and files the documents with the court. This may work […]


How Much Will This Divorce Cost?

The cost of a divorce varies depending on the style of divorce you choose. From Collaborative Divorce to Mediation to Litigation, or even if you come up with the agreement completely on your own, there will always be documents that must be drafted to complete the divorce.  Drafting of the documents is going to take […]

Update on Courts Delayed by COVID-19

In Washington County, trials that were supposed to take place in March have been delayed to July and are expected to be rescheduled again.  In Multnomah County, the courthouse has just started allowing trial “assignment” to take place, but the judges have prepared attorneys that those trials will not be happening until January or later. […]

Myah Kehoe

Why I do this work? I have seen the toll litigation takes on couples and families so I know firsthand that no one “wins” in those situations. I would much rather focus my energy on helping people resolve their disputes in a respectful way that allows them to continue to be friends and co-parents later. My […]