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Preparation Ideas for your First Mediation Session

The following are a few thoughts and some guidance on how best to prepare for your first mediation appointment.  It is often a stressful time, so a little preparation can help alleviate some of the anxiety and fear going into the mediation process. 1)    Take the pressure off yourselves.  The first mediation session is purposefully […]

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What is Co-Mediation?

Many family mediation matters are handled effectively by a single mediator, but there are also situations when two professional heads working together are better than one. Co-mediation involves two trained professionals (usually one lawyer and one with a mental health or financial background) working together with the family as a 4-person settlement team. If the […]


Retirement Basics for Divorce – Part 2 – Intel Plans and related benefits, as of September 2020

Intel is one of Oregon’s largest employers and has several different retirement benefits for their employees. Here is a list of the different plans that may exist (depending on hire date and position within the company): Intel 401(k) Savings Plan: This is a defined contribution retirement account plan all Intel employees should have. Please note […]

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Oregon Child Support Tips

Child support can be a confusing and sometimes contentious issue between parents who are faced with the termination of their marriage. Often, divorcing parents confuse child support with spousal support, which is a very different issue. The two topics should not be discussed together as one lump sum but addressed separately. One reason is that […]

Why Collaborative Divorce?

Most folks don’t want the typical (usually awful) American divorce. Instead, they want a respectful process that makes one of life’s hardest transitions as smooth as possible for themselves and their families. For some families, mediation won’t work but they don’t want to go to court. A Collaborative Divorce helps participants to be their best […]


What’s a “Bonusfamily,” anyway?

Bonus Families ® is the only international non-profit organization dedicated to promoting peaceful coexistence between divorced or separated parents and their combined families. Their goal? To support YOU. Now, that’s a real bonus… Get Help Bonus Families® has many options available for you and your family… Help is available online or by telephone, (925) 516-2681 […]

Tonya Alexander

Why I do this work? I love helping families find hope and strength in difficult transitions such as separation and divorce and to show how this can be done peacefully out of court. My practice: My approach is to provide compassionate, fair and affordable services to Oregon families looking to avoid the litigation process. I am […]