How to not fight

I wish I could say that my former spouse and I processed our divorce together. Instead, we got it done peacefully through mediation without ever directly addressing what was happening and how we’d fit it into the rest of our lives, including future co-parenting of our beloved son. Nonetheless, we had a successful divorce-process that […]

Talking to children about divorce is overwhelming. You might choose to work with a professional to develop a personalized plan that meets the needs of your unique family. If this is not possible, or if you want to learn more as you prepare for your appointment, here are 10 Tips for Talking to Kids about […]

A colleague recently shared some training materials from Bill Eddy, founder of  High Conflict Institute.  This article shares some of Bill’s wisdom on how to help resolve conflicts by making effective proposals. Setting the Stage Most conflicts, from international disputes to divorces, have been percolating for some time. Someone has done something to someone (maybe many […]

During times of transition and grief, parents often expect sadness and anxiety as the news of a divorce is shared and daily activities and homelife changes. We practice empathizing and soothing our children, creating structures and plans to help them feel safe and loved during the changes.  And, still, despite the well thought out plans, […]

A divorce coach is a mental health professional – often a psychologist or an LCSW – who assists the client to effectively move through the divorce. The “divorce coach” is unique to collaborative law. There is an emotional component of divorce that must be addressed, in addition to the legal component. In fact, the emotional […]