How (Not To) Fight

How to not fight

I picked up a little book at my daughter’s house last week while riding out the ice storm and long power outage here in Oregon.  The author was Thich Nhat Hanh, a beloved peacemaker.  The title was How to Fight. *   How can that be?? Thay (his familiar name) points out when someone says something […]

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Can Divorce be Easy?

First, a couple of definitions:   Amiable Divorce: You discuss, you negotiate, and you agree about children/parenting, support and finances/property.   Difficult Divorce: You tried, but you can’t agree on some or all of the key issues.   Emotionally, psychologically, socially ending a marriage or domestic partnership can be very difficult indeed. Add the hot-button […]

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Top 10 Tips to have a Successful First Virtual Divorce Mediation or Collaborative Session

Location –  It’s important to find a private, quiet space where you can focus and hear without too much distraction. Sometimes, it’s the car, and other times, a den or patio works well. Try to think about best areas for reception, good lighting, as well as privacy. Decide whether you’d like to be in the […]


Negotiating with Your Partner: Look Ahead, Not Backwards

  A colleague recently shared some training materials from Bill Eddy, founder of  High Conflict Institute.  This article shares some of Bill’s wisdom on how to help resolve conflicts by making effective proposals. Setting the Stage Most conflicts, from international disputes to divorces, have been percolating for some time. Someone has done something to someone (maybe […]