Talking to children about divorce is overwhelming. You might choose to work with a professional to develop a personalized plan that meets the needs of your unique family. If this is not possible, or if you want to learn more as you prepare for your appointment, here are 10 Tips for Talking to Kids about […]

Divorcing someone with narcissistic traits

A Tale of Two Divorces Divorce #1 ~ Bob and Barbara: Bob and Barbara had been married for 20 years, and they had a contentious marriage for most of their marriage. Their friends, Carol and Chris had been married for about the same length of time and also had a difficult marriage for their last […]

Tearing Apart a Dollar

Is Collaborative Divorce right for you? Download your free knowledge kit quickly and easily. This free information packet was created by the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP) as a tool to educate you both about Collaborative Divorce. The PDF format can safely be downloaded onto your hard drive and emailed, or it can be […]

Preparation for Mediation

The following are a few thoughts and some guidance on how best to prepare for your first mediation appointment.  It is often a stressful time, so a little preparation can help alleviate some of the anxiety and fear going into the mediation process. 1)    Take the pressure off yourselves.  The first mediation session is purposefully […]

Collaborative Divorce Empowers you to resolve your legal disputes without judges, referees or court personnel making decisions for you. Provides you with specially trained Collaborative lawyers, mental health and financial professionals to educate, support and guide you in reaching balanced, respectful and lasting agreements. Offers you a safe and dignified environment to reduce the conflict […]