Collaborative Divorce Knowledge Kit

Tearing Apart a Dollar

Is Collaborative Divorce right for you? Download your free knowledge kit quickly and easily. This free information packet was created by the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP) as a tool to educate you both about Collaborative Divorce. The PDF format can safely be downloaded onto your hard drive and emailed, or it can be […]

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Divorce Options – 4 Different Ways to Divorce

Once a couple has made the decision to part, they have different divorce options available. Which one they choose depends on their own personal situation. The Do-It-Yourself-Divorce A do-it-yourself-divorce is also known as the “kitchen table divorce.” The divorcing couple does all the paperwork themselves and files the documents with the court. This may work […]

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Retirement Basics for Divorce – Part Two – Intel Plans and related benefits, as of September 2020

Intel Corp

Intel is one of Oregon’s largest employers and has several different retirement benefits for their employees. Here is a list of the different plans that may exist (depending on hire date and position within the company): Intel 401(k) Savings Plan: This is a defined contribution retirement account plan all Intel employees should have. Please note […]


“Overcoming your barriers to even thinking about going back to work. During a divorce…”

Overcoming Barriers

Collaborative divorce and vocational coaching is often a positive and transformative experience for divorcing women and men, usually an overwhelmed and vulnerable group. Men and women who are angry at being left behind after sacrificing their futures, career wise and financially, are inspired by connecting with a sense of purpose that also pays the bills. Partners […]