Jim O’Connor set the stage for negotiation by focusing on the future rather than the past in his recent blog – https://bridgesdivorce.com/negotiating-with-your-partner/             Let’s carry that forward using the steps of a collaborative or mediation process. High End Goals We start with goals for the process and for yourselves.  What matters most to you? […]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) I’m worried that my partner might not be fair to me in the divorce process. How can we try to work together in a peaceful process but still make sure I am taking care of myself? Divorce is stressful and scary so your question is a very typical one. You (and […]

When someone consults an attorney about getting a divorce, anything that person tells the attorney is private and protected by the attorney-client privilege. On the other hand, any written document that is filed with the court is open to the public and readily discoverable by anyone, stranger or friend. At Bridges Collaborative Divorce Solutions, we […]

Why Collaborative Divorce

A Safe Place Watch this video, Collaborative Divorce: A Safe Place, and follow the true-life story of one couple going through their own collaborative divorce. Collaborative Divorce: A Safe Place is a twenty minute YouTube video produced by the International Association of Collaborative Professionals (IACP) and used by permission.   To learn more about the Collaborative Divorce process, […]

Once a couple has made the decision to part, they have different divorce options available. Which one they choose depends on their own personal situation. The Do-It-Yourself-Divorce A do-it-yourself-divorce is also known as the “kitchen table divorce.” The divorcing couple does all the paperwork themselves and files the documents with the court. This may work […]