As families begin the process of divorcing, understanding how this loss affects children can help parents prepare to respond and support them.  Psychologists like Elizabeth Kubler-Ross and William Bridges have explored grief for decades, hoping to universalize and connect us through these shared experiences. As with all development, these are guidelines from which each child […]

  A colleague recently shared some training materials from Bill Eddy, founder of  High Conflict Institute.  This article shares some of Bill’s wisdom on how to help resolve conflicts by making effective proposals. Setting the Stage Most conflicts, from international disputes to divorces, have been percolating for some time. Someone has done something to someone (maybe […]

  Jim O’Connor set the stage for negotiation by focusing on the future rather than the past in his recent blog –             Let’s carry that forward using the steps of a collaborative or mediation process. High End Goals We start with goals for the process and for yourselves.  What matters most to you? […]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) I’m worried that my partner might not be fair to me in the divorce process. How can we try to work together in a peaceful process but still make sure I am taking care of myself? Divorce is stressful and scary so your question is a very typical one. You (and […]

Many people are paralyzed by fear when contemplating a divorce. Most often the fear is about money. It’s either a fight, flight or freeze response. But there is another possibility, and that’s empowerment. That’s the power created by two autonomous people with a shared vision for the future. I’m calling it the Third Power (1+1=3) […]