First, a couple of definitions:   Amiable Divorce: You discuss, you negotiate, and you agree about children/parenting, support and finances/property.   Difficult Divorce: You tried, but you can’t agree on some or all of the key issues.   Emotionally, psychologically, socially ending a marriage or domestic partnership can be very difficult indeed. Add the hot-button […]

Divorce Cost

The cost of a divorce varies depending on the style of divorce you choose. From Collaborative Divorce to Mediation to Litigation, or even if you come up with the agreement completely on your own, there will always be documents that must be drafted to complete the divorce.  Drafting of the documents is going to take […]

How to not fight

I picked up a little book at my daughter’s house last week while riding out the ice storm and long power outage here in Oregon. The author was Thich Nhat Hanh, a beloved peacemaker. The title was How to Fight. *   How can that be?? Thay (his familiar name) points out when someone says something […]

The effects of a divorce on the children involved can be detrimental to their development into healthy adults. A 2019 study published in the journal World Psychology revealed that while most children of divorce go on to lead well-adjusted lives, some may face a variety of problems over the course of their lives due to their […]