Dona Cullen

Why I do this work?  I am passionate about families and peacemaking.

My practice is to create a professional /friendly, efficient/thoughtful, thorough/forward- looking process empowering couples to make the best decisions possible while saving time and money. I emphasize financial clarity with Family Law Software and constructive communication as a peacemaking practice trainer and certified coach in HeartMath resilience training.

Background:  I graduated from Vermont Law School in 1978 with two young children in tow. After 20 years of general practice in Vermont and 8 years in Arizona as a juvenile public defender, pro tem judge, family court mediator and special master, I followed my grandchildren to Oregon. I have since worked tirelessly to train in and promote this new type of legal advocacy.

After Hours:  I am a consummate reader and life-long learner. My joy is being with my grandchildren and helping them cultivate their passions.

Dona Cullen
Attorney, Mediator & Financial Neutral

Ste 150
5200 Meadows Rd
Lake Oswego, OR 97035