Forrest Collins

Why I do this work? Divorce is hard, even in respectful situations. I get a lot of satisfaction from helping people navigate this challenging process in a way that leaves everyone feeling that the process was fair, that their voice was heard, and that the outcome was constructive.

My practice: My practice focuses on respectful, effective and efficient resolution of family law matters.  I believe clients are in the best position to make decisions for themselves, and that they can do so with some guidance and education. I use technology and my extensive experience to resolve your case quickly and affordably.

Background: I’ve been a lawyer for over 10 years. For over three years, my practice has been limited to mediation, Collaborative law, and uncontested cases.

After Hours: When I’m not mediating, I’m playing with my 3 daughters, all of whom are 5 and under!

Forrest Collins

Collaborative Attorney / Mediator

Forrest Collins, PC
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