Lee Hamilton, MA


Why I do this work: Having counseled children and families in public schools for 30 years, I witnessed the devastation and heartache a family suffers going through an adversarial divorce. The adults often experience so much pain, there is very little emotional support left for the children. Both Mediation and Collaborative Divorce offer healthy, supportive alternatives to unproductive conflict and aspire to meet the needs of all family members.

My practice: Whether I work as a communication and parenting coach in the Collaborative Law process or work as a mediator, I am committed to creating a safe environment for couples navigating the often painful experience of divorce. I encourage individuals to understand and express their emotions and assist them to end their marriage in a respectful and honest manner. If they have children, I help couples work together in their new relationship as co-parents. It is my belief and goal that these processes enable individuals to move to a place of hope as they transition into their new lives.

Background: I worked as an elementary school counselor for many years. I have a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology from Lewis and Clark and am a trained mediator and mental health coach in the Collaborative process.

After Hours: I love to garden, to create art, to spend time with friends and family and hang out with my dog. I have a passion for travel. I have been fortunate enough to travel to many countries around the world which has taught me compassion is the key to healing.

Lee Hamilton, MA

Mediator & Collaborative Divorce Coach

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