Tonya Alexander

Why I do this work? I love helping families find hope and strength in difficult transitions such as separation and divorce and to show how this can be done peacefully out of court.

My practice: My approach is to provide compassionate, fair and affordable services to Oregon families looking to avoid the litigation process. I am pleased to provide Mediation, Co-Mediation, and Legal Services ranging from hourly “coaching,” or unbundled legal services, to full representation in Collaborative Method cases. I work closely with legal assistant, Cindy Armony, who has over 25 years’ experience in family law. We work together to provide cost savings and efficiency for our clients.

Background: I have been practicing family law for over 16 years in Oregon. Upon graduating law school, I quickly realized I wanted to help families in crisis. I have been through divorce personally, and was three years old when my parents first divorced. Having witnessed a custody/ relocation battle in my own family, and the harmful effect of litigation, I have a passion for helping others find peaceful alternatives to resolve conflict.

After Hours: I am a mother of two active young boys, ages 6 and 9, who are both in sports year-round now. I enjoy outdoor activities like surfing, kite boarding, mountain biking, Nordic and alpine skiing, scuba diving, kayaking, photography, and travel. You also may find me coaching kids’ baseball, soccer, volunteering at school, and mentoring college and law students.

Tonya Alexander

Collaborative Attorney / Mediator

15220 NW Greenbriar Pkwy., Ste. 235
Beaverton, Oregon 97006